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Why Furnace Maintenance is Essential

Why Furnace Maintenance is Essential

Following is a list of reasons annual maintenance to your furnace is important:

  • Ensures proper airflow-Restricted or limited airflow places a strain on your furnace that can lead to increased furnace issues.  It may also shorten the lifespan of your furnace.
  • Keeps you safe-Furnaces burn fuel to produce heat. This process must be precise to ensure efficiency and safety. Even a small problem can lead to gas leaking or dangerous carbon monoxide levels released into your home placing you and your family at risk.
  • Reduces repairs– An annual furnace tune-up includes a cleaning that helps keep your furnace running efficiently and helps avoid any unnecessary strain on your furnace.  Strains on your furnace lead to increased repairs.
  • Saves Time & Money-Getting a furnace tune-up before the weather is cold, is much more convenient than waiting for a repairman during the winter in a home without heat. It can also be cheaper.
  • Improves energy efficiency-A furnace tune-up should include the cleaning and inspection of both the furnace burner and the heat exchanger. This will help ensure safe operation as well as keep your furnace functioning efficiently all winter.
  • Maintains manufacturer’s warranty-If your heater is under a manufacturer’s warranty, it is even more important you to get annual maintenance preformed on your furnace. Most manufacturer’s warranties state that their warranty becomes void if the heater is not maintained regularly.

The bottom line is that a yearly tune-up on your furnace keeps you and your family safe and saves you money.

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