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The Damaging Effects of Snow After a Storm

After a heavy snowfall leaves ice packed in your gutters and snow piled next to your home another wave of concern occurs for homeowners. When the temperature rises quickly after a storm is when homeowners begin to see damage from melting snow. Here are a few things you can do to prevent any damage:

– Remove snow from windows and vents. Any cracks or crevices in a window well can allow melting snow to seep in.

– Clear packed ice from gutters. With the ice quickly melting it can begin to overflow out of the gutters and run down the side of the home, penetrating any gaps in the siding.

– Shovel snow away from your home that is piled on the side of your home. When snow is sitting against the foundation is when it can get into the concrete and expand when the temperature drops again.

– Continue to keep walkways clear of ice. When snow begins to melt it will move to areas that were already cleared, when the temperature drops again these areas will freeze over.


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