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What does it mean if your tap water is brownish in color?

Although it is not an uncommon problem for homeowners, brown running water does mean your water is contaminated and it should be addressed.

One possible reason the water has turned brown is there may be too much iron and/or manganese in water.  Although iron and manganese are considered contaminants, drinking water containing these elements actually doesn’t harm you in any way as both of these are essential elements that the body requires to function effectively and your daily diet contains varied amounts of these metals.

Another common cause of taps discharging brown-colored water is a rusty pipe. Rust in your pipes can trigger health hazards since rusty water is a breeding ground for various forms of bacteria that cause illnesses.  Also, a build-up of rust tends to corrode and crack pipes that in turn, exposes your water supply to contaminants in the air.  It increases the chances of leaks in your house as well.

To eliminate brown water, you need to find out where the problem lies.  A plumbing professional can help you find the root of your problem and get your water running clean and clear again.

brown tap water

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