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Tips for Preventing Hard Water Stains

Here’s a couple tips for preventing the occurrence of hard water stains in your home:

  • Drying all surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom after use – One can use a towel to wipe the water away before it culminates into the stains
  • If the spots are excessive, one can invest in getting a water softener system installed. This will ultimately get rid of hard water and the mess it leaves behind

If hard water stains are already present, follow these few steps and the stains can be wiped away…

  • Vinegar – Normal white vinegar can be great to get rid of these stains. Mixing vinegar 50/50 with water in a spray bottle or bowl and using that as a cleaning solution is not only cost effective, but works wonders. Vinegar can be sprayed on the area then wiped with a rag, or one can let the vinegar sit for a little, then wipe the area clean.
  • Another way to clean these spots away is using store-bought cleaners. This should only be utilized if the spots do not come away with vinegar. Store bought cleaners consist of strong chemicals, so one must be careful when using those products.


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