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Heating Tune Up Season is Upon Us!

As the colorful piles of leaves begin to line the streets and the sweaters come out of storage, you might be attempting to hold off on firing up your heating system in order to save money. This is one of the most neutral times of the year temperature wise throughout much of the East Coast. However this window of just-right weather is good for more than just savings! This is also your chance to get your heating system tuned up before the colder temperatures arrive.


One of the primary reasons to tune-up your heating system is to give a trained technician the opportunity to find and fix small problems before they progress into bigger ones. There are a plethora of early warning signs that are only detectable to the trained eye. Many of which will not immediately present themselves to homeowners in the form of odd noises, strange odors or poor heating performance. A multi-point inspection is always included with a heating tune up, however it is a good idea to confirm with your technician the exact checklist of steps included in your service.


Dust particles seem to show up everywhere, including the inside of your furnace. If you allow dust to build up significantly, it can easily begin to diminish the energy efficiency of your heating unit and can even cause problems that will lead to replacing parts.


Although rare it is possible that furnaces can develop problems that present a danger to people in the home. Two of the most common types of said problems are fire hazards and carbon monoxide leaks. Both of these can be deadly, and both frequently begin as small problems that can be easily detected in the course of a heating tune-up.

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