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Check Your Washing Machine Hoses!

A major cause of water damage in homes is washing machine related failures. Of these failures, most are the direct result of a faulty supply hose. Traditional rubber supply hoses can malfunction due to normal wear and tear over time.  When was the last time you checked yours?

You should look for signs of:

  • Blisters and cracks.
  • Worn areas where the material is thinning, especially where the hose bends or bubbles.
  • A loose connection with the water supply.
  • Corroded connections where metal has rusted.

Replacing your washing machine hoses with stainless steel hoses can leave you with peace of mind. Stainless steel hoses are reinforced and can withstand repeated high pressure of water. When properly installed, they have a much lower failure rate compared to traditional rubber hoses. An even better choice is a stainless steel hose with an auto-shutoff feature. If the hose attempts to burst, the connector will sense a change in water pressure and stop the flow of water. This type of hose can be the difference between extensive damage and just a little bit of water to clean up.

Please note, even with stainless steel hoses and no obvious signs of wear, hoses should be replaced approximately every five years. Some of the wear and buildup occurs from the inside out and is not always visible.

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