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Importance of a Water Heater Flush!

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Most water heater manufactures recommend flushing your water heater annually. This maintenance will help flush minerals and sediment that can buildup over time and settle at the bottom of your water heater tank causing your unit to work harder, thus …

Tips to Staying Cool During a Heat Wave

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During heat waves, air conditioning systems are designed to cool your home approximately 20 degrees cooler than the outside air. For example, even if your thermostat is set for 70 degrees, on a 95 degree day, your home may not …

Winter Safety Tips

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When Temperatures Stay Below Freezing: Warm It Up Make sure you raise your heat above 73 degrees in extremely cold weather. Give Pipes a Helping Hand If pipes run through cabinets or vanities, open the doors to let warmer room …

Prepare Your Home for Winter

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  KNOW HOW TO SHUT OUR WATER OFF Locate your main water shut-off valve.  Mark the valve with a brightly colored tag so you can find it quickly in an emergency. CHECK SPRINKLER OR IRRIGATION SYSTEMS Make sure you’ve turned …

World Toilet Day

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World Toilet Day is a day to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis – a topic often neglected in society. Today, 4.5 billion people are struggling to live well, keep their children alive and work …

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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Russo Bros. & Co to Donate Portion of Proceeds to PHCC in Houston

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Russo Bros. & Co. For Immediate Release: October 2nd 2017 973-887-1334       Russo Bros. & Co. To Donate Portion of Proceeds to PHCC in Houston Russo Bros. & Co donating a portion of proceeds from every service call performed in …

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