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The Dirt on Flushable Wipes

The Dirt on Flushable Wipes

Toilet paper has evolved to be quilted, multi-plyed and even perforated with a scalloped edge. But some have turned to flushable wipes for an even “cleaner” personal hygiene experience. But are those wipes actually flushable like their toilet paper counterparts?

The EPA’s Recommendation on Flushable Wipes

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency says no. In fact, according to the EPA , Americans should skip flushing anything but toilet paper. That includes disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, make-up removal pads and yes, the so-called flushable wipes.

Why Wipes Don’t Break Down Like Toilet Paper

The reason behind the recommendation is that wipes don’t break down in the sewer or septic system like toilet paper and can damage your home’s internal plumbing as well as the local sewer system. Flushable wipes are typically made from materials like cotton, rayon, polyester or wood pulp that are bonded together using a chemical process. The materials do eventually break down but not as rapidly as toilet paper.

When flushed the wipes can clog your pipes as they make their way through the system, clumping together instead of breaking down into smaller pieces like traditional toilet paper. A repair can cost you big bucks for the backup.

Lack of Regulations on “Flushable” Claims

While there is an effort to develop guidelines and test “flush-ability” of flushable wipes, there are no federal regulations regarding the use of the word “flushable” on packages of wipes, according to

According to the EPA, these array of wipe products when flushed can be a threat to public health and create massive expenditures to repair public systems.

Calling a Professional for Sewer Clogs

While it is best to avoid using flushable wipes, if you have a clogged sewer line you can’t avoid calling a professional. The experts at Russo Bros. Plumbing can diagnose your sewer line issue using a thorough camera inspection to determine the root cause of your sewer backup and provide the necessary solution fix it.  For all your plumbing needs you can rely on Russo Bros. & Co. and our same day service since 1954.

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