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Heating Breakdowns: How To Tell if Your Furnace Is Failing

Homeowner adjusting thermostatIs it the fall temperature swings or furnace issues that has your home caught between seasons?

Check out these seven signs that your furnace is failing and when to call an HVAC technician.


If your furnace shuts down before it completes a heating cycle, it could be caused by:

  • A dirty furnace filter
  • A dirty flame sensor
  • A malfunctioning ignitor

Your professional HVAC technician can get to the bottom of your short-cycling issue and apply the right furnace repair.

Burning Smells

A burnt smell from your heating system can indicate an issue with your unit’s electrical wiring.

Don’t wait to call a professional. Your technician needs to access, diagnose, and repair your furnace to prevent an electrical fire.

Changes in Airflow

Heated air is blown through ductwork to distribute it throughout the home. If your blower fan, air filter, or ductwork gets clogged with dust, pet hair, or other debris, it can put a bigger strain on your blower fan and cause it to burn out.

If you have decreased airflow from your vents, your problem could be your blower fan. An HVAC technician can perform a deep cleaning of your blower fan to restore airflow.

Long Runtimes

Issues with your furnace can make it work harder and run longer to reach your home’s desired temperature. While dirt buildup on your heat exchanger can force it to work harder, a damaged or cracked heat exchanger can be an even bigger issue.

Performing routine maintenance can identify furnace issues before they become costly repair jobs.

An Undersized Furnace

When your furnace is constantly running, it’s because it has difficulty keeping up with demand. If you have a new home addition or have completed other renovations, it’s possible your furnace isn’t sized properly for the square footage.

An undersized furnace will do a poor job of providing even temperature throughout your home and can also require frequent repairs because of the demand.

Strange Sounds

A furnace that is functioning well shouldn’t be loud. Sounds that require professional inspection and repair to resolve include:

  • Screeching
  • Rattling
  • Clicking

High Energy Bills

Energy costs are increasing, but if your furnace is more than 15 years old, you might be wasting money on energy bills due to an inefficient furnace.

Consider replacing your outdated unit with a new, energy-efficient furnace. It’s a wise investment that you’ll reap the benefits from for years to come.

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