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How to Conserve Energy in Your Home

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With your air conditioning system running around the clock this summer you may be looking for ways to conserve energy and save on your electric bill without sacrificing your comfort. Cook with your microwave, it uses 2/3 less energy than …

Avoid Plumbing Issues That May Arise With Summer…

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Summer officially arrived yesterday, June 20, 2016!  Unfortunately, there are several plumbing complications that may arise with the summer.  Please consider the following plumbing issues as the heat of the summer rolls in… Sewage Clogs – Clogs or backups in …

Flag Day 2016

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Each year Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th. It honors the creation of the flag of the United States of America which happened on this day in 1777. This is also the date the United States celebrates the birthday of …

Why is it important to flush your water heater?

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Minerals and sediment can buildup over time and settle at the bottom of your water heater tank causing your unit to work harder to heat up the water and making it less efficient. This can also cause your tank to …

Memorial Day Special

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In honor of the fallen heroes of our country we are offering a special to all our clients. We’d like to thank those who have served and are currently serving our country. May your valor never be taken for granted …

DIY Electric Work

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Some great advice from our HVAC Manager, Patrick Porzio, on when it’s safe to do your own electric work, and when to call a licensed electrician.

3 Worst Things To Put In Your Septic System

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Anything other than waste and toilet paper into your toilet.  A toilet isn’t a garbage can so never throw anything but toilet paper in it.  Cat litter, coffee grounds, diapers, baby wipes, cigarettes, etc. are NO exceptions. These items will not …

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