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Energy-Saving Myths

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Saving energy can often result in saving money which is great.  However, when it comes to your HVAC system, you may be unnecessarily inconveniencing yourself and/or sacrificing comfort in an attempt to save energy if your efforts are based on …

Spring Checklist

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Heavy winter snow and strong winds can cause damage to a home and property. It’s best to start off the spring season with an annual checklist to get your home ready for the warm weather. Checking both the inside, and …

Low Flow Showerhead

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A low flow showerhead could save you an estimated 25-60% on water costs! It is recommended, when choosing a showerhead, that the fixture has a flow rate of less than 2.5 gpm.   Many older showerheads, aerating (mix of air and water) …

Internet Thermostats

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Have you considered installing one? A web search of “Internet thermostat” yields about 8.8 million results.You could spend a long time looking up features and prices but how do you know which one is the best for you? Here at …

How to thaw a frozen pipe

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Pipes that are on outside walls, under sinks in cabinets and outside hose bibs are most susceptible to becoming frozen. When these pipes freeze no water can get through. Most people think that all frozen pipes burst, this is not …

Cold Weather Tips

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During the hype of extremely cold weather we sometimes forget we should be preparing our home for freezing temperatures, along with preparing ourselves. We have enclosed some helpful tips on how to prepare your home: Remove snow and ice from …

What does it mean if your tap water is brownish in color?

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Although it is not an uncommon problem for homeowners, brown running water does mean your water is contaminated and it should be addressed. One possible reason the water has turned brown is there may be too much iron and/or manganese …

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