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The Damaging Effects of Snow After a Storm

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After a heavy snowfall leaves ice packed in your gutters and snow piled next to your home another wave of concern occurs for homeowners. When the temperature rises quickly after a storm is when homeowners begin to see damage from …

Why Furnace Maintenance is Essential

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Why Furnace Maintenance is Essential Following is a list of reasons annual maintenance to your furnace is important: Ensures proper airflow-Restricted or limited airflow places a strain on your furnace that can lead to increased furnace issues.  It may also …

A Good Plumber Checklist

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At some point, if you haven’t already, you will need to call on a plumber.  Below is a checklist of what you want and should expect from a qualified plumber: Holds a current and active plumbing license in your state …

Common Heating Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

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Cranking up your thermostat to warm up your home faster. Setting your heat in the 80s in a cold house won’t make your system work faster.  It will only cause it to work harder and put more stress on the …

Why It’s Important to Change Your Furnace’s Filter Regularly

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It is recommended that you inspect the filter in your furnace monthly.  What happens when you have a dirty furnace filter?  The filters clean the air you and your family breath in so if you have a dirty filter, then …

Prevent Plumbing Problems While on Vacation

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You could come home to a disastrous and costly situation should something go wrong with your plumbing while you are away.  Here are a few helpful hints to avoid any problems that may occur while you are away on vacation: …

Keep Your Family and Pets Safe This Winter

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The leading cause of home fire deaths is caused by heating equipment and half of the home heating equipment fires are reported during December, January, and February.  Keep your family and pets safe with these helpful tips: Anything that can …

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