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HVAC & Plumbing Springtime To-Do List

Technician inspecting outdoor spigot

April showers may bring spring flowers, but they can also test your home’s spring readiness! Are your home’s air conditioning and plumbing systems ready for the change of seasons? Here are some ways to make sure!


Make sure an HVAC maintenance check is on your to-do list. You need to be good to your system to ensure your system is good to you!

A professional inspection can identify potential problems or broken components before they become big issues. In some cases, annual maintenance is required to validate your HVAC system warranty.

Your AC tune-up includes preventative cleaning and lubricating of components and replacing dirty air filters.

If your air conditioning system is over 10 years old, it’s a good opportunity for a professional technician to evaluate the projected life span of your unit. It may be time to replace your AC unit with a new modern, more efficient system if your current system:

  • Continually requires costly repairs
  • Is subject to frequent breakdowns
  • Proves to be inefficient

Russo Bros. & Co. can evaluate your unit’s performance to recommend air conditioning repair or replacement.

As a special Spring offer, Russo Bros. customers are eligible for a free furnace with an AC upgrade. Check with your Russo technician to take advantage of this limited offer.

Sump Pump Service

When it comes to rain gear, you rely on your umbrella, and your home relies on its sump pump to stay dry.

Spring storms come in quickly, dumping inches of rain within a short amount of time. This is when your sump pump works its hardest, and it better be ready, or you can face a flood in your basement.

Testing your sump pump is fairly easy, but it’s best to call an experienced professional if it doesn’t run properly.

Our experts at Russo Bros. & Co. can offer same day sump pump repair if you notice your sump pump:

  • Fails to turn on
  • Makes loud noises
  • Runs continuously

Hose Bibb Help

Outdoor spigots are always at risk of freezing if not winterized properly, and older hose bibbs are more susceptible to freezing than newer frost-proof faucets.

In spring, outdoor faucets get called into action to water the garden, clean the car, and wash the dog. Turning back on the outdoor faucet after months of being turned off needs to be done with some care, making sure the bibb hasn’t cracked over the winter.

If your hose bibb leaks, you’ll likely waste a lot of water this spring. You may find water leaking behind your home’s exterior wall, or the leaky spigot might invite mosquitoes and other insects into your home.

Russo Bros. & Co. can help repair your hose bibb or replace it with another one that is functional for your needs. Spring has sprung, and we’re here to make sure no leaks have sprung along with it!

Call our trusted team at (973) 887-1334 to schedule service and complete your spring HVAC and plumbing to-do list.