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Thermostat Repair & Replacement in Northern New Jersey

HVAC performance isn’t always a matter of furnace or air conditioner malfunction. Sometimes, your thermostat is the root cause of your comfort trouble.

When you need thermostat repair or replacement in Northern New Jersey, Russo Bros. & Co. provides high-quality service.

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Common Causes of Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues can stem from any number of causes, but most of them fall into a few common categories:

  • Age: Most thermostats can last for 10 years and become more unreliable toward the end of their life span.
  • Electrical issues: You could have wiring issues, a blown fuse, a tripped breaker, or dead batteries.
  • Dust and debris: Like many electronics, a thermostat is sensitive and can have issues if contaminants get inside the unit.
  • Calibration: A thermostat that needs recalibration will give incorrect readings and send the wrong signals to your HVAC units.
  • Poor positioning: Your thermostat should be centrally located to ensure an accurate reading.

Your HVAC technician can inspect your thermostat and determine the cause to provide the right solution.

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Same Day Thermostat Repair

It can be difficult to distinguish between HVAC issues caused by the unit versus the thermostat. Signs that you may have thermostat issues include:

  • Your HVAC system keeps turning on and off, also known as short-cycling.
  • You suspect faulty thermostat readings.
  • You have strangely high energy bills.
  • Your thermostat can’t maintain the temperature setting.
  • Your HVAC system doesn’t start a new cycle when you change the thermostat setting.

If your thermostat doesn’t appear to work at all, repairs could be as simple as installing new thermostat batteries or flipping the breaker, so try DIY troubleshooting first.

If any of these issues persist, you need professional thermostat repair from Russo Bros. Contact us online or call (973) 887-1334 today.

Thermostat Installation & Replacement

At Russo Bros. & Co., we recommend upgrading your old, malfunctioning thermostat to maximize energy efficiency and home comfort. Whether you’re installing a smart or programmable thermostat for the first time or replacing it with a new model, we can help.

Consider the benefits of upgrading your thermostat:

  • Adjust your thermostat from anywhere using your mobile device
  • Receive data on HVAC usage and recommendations for efficiency improvements
  • Receive enhanced reporting that lets you know when you may need HVAC repair
  • Create zoned comfort for lower energy bills and precise temperature control

Smart Thermostats vs. Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set temperature adjustments based on your schedule to maximize energy efficiency. A smart thermostat offers those same benefits but is also connected to Wi-Fi for mobile thermostat control and provides more data about your energy usage.

A programmable thermostat is still a great investment, but a smart thermostat offers much more if you upgrade.

Call Russo Bros. & Co. at (973) 887-1334 or contact us online to schedule thermostat installation and replacement for your Northern New Jersey home.

Choose Russo Bros. & Co. for Thermostat Services in Northern New Jersey

When you need fast thermostat services from an experienced, trustworthy team, choose Russo Bros. & Co. Our technicians complete ongoing training, so we have the skills to guarantee 100% satisfaction no matter the job.

We’re available for same day and emergency services, with 24-hour live call operators standing by to answer your call.

Ready to schedule thermostat services or have questions about the products we install? Contact us online or call Russo Bros. at (973) 887-1334 today!

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