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2017 Sprinkler Schedules

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Mid Summer Adjustment 2017


Winterization 2017


In-ground sprinklers can help ensure your landscape meets all local irrigation requirements. At Russo Bros. & Co., our trained lawn sprinkler technicians can design a system for any size yard. We will make sure your system uses water as efficiently as possible.

If you live in Northern New Jersey and are interested in installing a lawn sprinkler system for your home, contact the pros at Russo Bros. & Co.

Our Sprinkler Services

We offer lawn sprinkler services throughout New Jersey that include:

  • Spring start-up maintenance
  • Custom design and installation of new sprinkler systems
  • Diagnosis and repair of malfunctioning systems
  • Installation and repair of well booster pumps to increase water pressure
  • Winterization
  • Installation, repair, and testing of backflow prevention devices as required by the state of New Jersey

Sprinkler Agreements

Russo Bros. & Co. has a sprinkler agreement tailored to just about any size system. When you sign on with one of our sprinkler agreements, we’ll provide you with:

  • Preferred service when scheduling appointments.
  • Spring start-up services, including turning the system on in the spring, setting the controller for operation, and cleaning/adjusting all sprinkler heads.
  • A mid-season controller adjustment – Russo Bros. & Co. will send a trained technician to check that your system is effectively handling your landscaping needs and will make any necessary adjustments.
  • Priority scheduling for winterizing the system in the fall.
  • Comprehensive winterization services in the fall that include an air compressor and setting the controller to the off position.
  • Exclusive 10% discount off standard rate on any parts needed for repair and/or replacement.

Sprinkler Agreement Costs

Are potential costs keeping you from investing in a sprinkler agreement for your home? Russo Bros. & Co. prices our agreements according to the exact size of your system, so you won’t be paying unnecessary costs. We have agreements available for many sizes!

Contact Us for Lawn Sprinkler Service in Northern New Jersey

Whether you want the extra benefits only a Russo Bros. sprinkler agreement can provide, or you just need one-time installation services on a brand new system, we’ve got an experienced technician for the job. We can custom-build you a new lawn sprinkler system, provide you with ongoing maintenance, and fix it for you should anything go wrong. And anytime you call Russo Bros. & Co. to handle your project, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We promise.

To see how we can meet all your lawn sprinkler needs in New Jersey, contact us or call 1-800-MR-RUSSO! We service all major brands including: Weathermatic, Rainbird, Hunter, and Toro.

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