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Five Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On & Troubleshooting Tips To Fix It

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You’ve seen the weather forecast, and you’re prepared for the hot temperatures, but it seems your air conditioner didn’t get the memo. Let’s look at some common reasons why your AC won’t turn on and share some tips to fix it.

Dirty Filter

One of the most common reasons an AC fails to function properly is because of dirty filters. Filters work to remove dust and other particles in the air to improve indoor air quality and the efficiency of your system. If your filter is dirty, it can disrupt your AC system. If your AC system fails to turn on, check your filters.

Broken Thermostat

Your thermostat gives your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system the order to turn on and off. If your thermostat has an issue, that communication doesn’t transmit to the system. Older thermostats might have a problem with frayed or damaged wiring, the batteries might be dead, or they could be malfunctioning in another way. A bad thermostat can be a reason why your AC won’t turn on. Try resetting the thermostat, replacing the batteries, or replacing an outdated thermostat with a new programmable version.

Electrical Issue

Summer heat can also mean storms that bring power outages and surges. If you have had a violent storm and your AC won’t turn on, it might be an issue with your home’s circuit breaker. Check to see if an electrical issue has tripped a circuit breaker in your home. A tripped circuit breaker can be the reason why your AC won’t turn on.

Dirty Evaporator Coils & Condensation Lines

Your AC unit is not immune to the dust and dirt in your home. Too much buildup of dust and dirt on your evaporator coils, condenser, or filter within your air conditioner can cause it to fail. Condenser lines can get a buildup of mold and algae or could also become the winter home for critters. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system prevents this buildup. At Russo Bros. & Co., we offer no-hassle annual maintenance, so you will stay on top of maintaining your HVAC system.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant acts as the coolant for your AC system. When it is low because of an insufficient coolant charge or leaking, your system might not turn on properly. Adding refrigerant or diagnosing a leak isn’t something a homeowner should tackle. This issue is best left to a trained technician.

Since 1954, the Russo Bros. & Co. team has helped keep our New Jersey neighbors cool and comfortable. If your AC system won’t turn on and you’ve tried to troubleshoot the problem with no success, call the Russo Bros. & Co. experts at 973-887-1334 to restore your comfort.

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