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Five Common Plumbing Myths

1. Putting lemons in your garbage disposal cleans it.
This process may help your drain to smell better but it won’t actually clean it. The most effective way to clean your disposal is with soap and warm water. Disconnect the disposal from the electric source and spray the soap solution, wait a few minutes and then scrub with a brush.

2. Free flowing drains are clear drains.
This isn’t necessarily true. To keep drains from backing up make sure to use them as intended. Avoid putting food, hair, oils and any other chemicals down your drains.

3. In tank toilet cleaners help keep toilets cleaner.
False. In tank cleaners do not eliminate build up, they just bleach over it. To help minimize build up you can pour vinegar down the overflow tube.

4. Chemical drain cleaners are best to avoid clogs.
These highly toxic chemical cleaners just corrode your pipes and cause long term damage to your plumbing system. Not only are they extremely harmful to your pipes but they are also harmful to the environment. If the clog isn’t too deep you can try a plunger to manually remove the clog .

5. Hand soap is the best way to clean your plumbing fixtures.
Some soaps can be too harsh on your fixtures. For example brass fixtures should be cleaned only using lemons and baking soda. Toilets should be cleaned using a stronger disinfectant to kill harmful germs.